Taking the Plunge

As is the case in many relationships, social media and public relations often struggle to completely come together. Social media is like this cool new addition to the professional world, while PR is the seasoned veteran that has seen it all before. Even though these two components make a great team, businesses seldom put them together because it’s risky. There is not a set of standards that will guide the actions taken in utilizing social media and the internet for public relations. Even more intimidating is the idea of going in there without knowing what will happen!

Alas for businesses that have yet to see enough worth in this risk, it is time to just do it. PR with social media is not an exact science yet, so anticipate some “learning experiences” through mistakes. Sometimes that is the best way that we learn anyway, right?

Of course this does not mean I suggest running blindly into this tandem of PR and the internet without the least semblance of a plan of attack. On the contrary, plans should be the first step to any campaign. We should however take it upon ourselves to be diligent students of the trade. Read other blogs and news articles about social media usage. Monitor other sites that seem to have succeeded with a similar game plan. Watch YouTube videos in your spare time that discuss using the internet effectively for your business. Do not just wait for success to fall into your lap. Take some initiative, try things out, and see what you can learn through experience.


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