An Easier Way to Share

With so many different social networking sites out there on the web, keeping all of them straight and posting to them can be a virtual nightmare. Thankfully however, there are some ways to simplify your life when it comes to updating your networks on what you or your company is doing. Since I cannot sleep in past 7:30, I decided that this Saturday morning I would take the time to add a few networking sites to my ever-expanding list and sign up for a service that allows me to post to multiple sites with one click. is the tool that I chose to use for managing my social media presence. After I linked all of my various social media accounts to this home site, I can update and post to all if I desire. Since different social media outlets offer different types of postings, also allows the user to group sites based on the content posted. For example, I link my Twitter and Facebook pages to my #StatusUpdates group, and I have a Tumblr and WordPress account linked to #Blogging.

Not only does this make your life much easier, but it also holds the potential to increase your visibility on the web. By covering the same material on many different sites, your search engine ranking will likely increase if you use the correct language in your post. More content on the web means that more hits will come up in a Google search, for example. So when you have some time on a Saturday morning, or you are tired of bookmarking sites to make sure you have all of your audiences covered, spend some time figuring out


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