Recently I have found myself on a sort of Pinterest craze. I created the account a couple of months ago and sporadically post items that I find across the Internet. For awhile I thought that there was no real potential to this site for networking or for marketing of any sort. Yet the more I browse, pin, and re-pin items, the more I start to think that a business could really use a site like this.

One great thing about Pinterest is that it can lead users right to your own website or blog. Being the food-ie that I am, I have checked out dozens of recipe ideas that my friends pin to their boards. In order to see the recipe however, I have to click on the pin that will then take me to the original posting location. From that site, I not only see the recipe but I can also browse through other items posted on that site or links to other sites.

Another nice feature for Pinterest-ers is the ability to categorize your feed. For a restaurant (remember, food is my obsession), they could filter their feed to feature food-related posts. In addition they could post pictures from their website or menu that create interest in their product.

The territory has been largely untouched by businesses, but the number of site users are large enough to merit consideration. Although Pinterest may not be the answer for every company, there are possibilities there that should be looked into.

Check out my own Pinterest account, and if you see a board that you like click the “Follow” button. And start pinning!

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