Be Active!

Generally speaking when I try to be more active on my social media platforms, I commit to posting more content to my own page. Perhaps I post a link to an interesting article that I read online, or I update my followers on my daily happenings. While this does indicate more activity, it does not help me to be more social in my networks. To put it another way, I am not having more conversations with anyone out there; instead I find myself just talking, hoping that someone will respond to my posts.

Even though more frequent posting is necessary to building a consistent following, taking part in conversations is crucial to drawing people to your page. On Facebook this means commenting on friends’ pictures or statuses. For Twitter you can reply to people’s tweets. Google+ has many features that allow you to +1 or share someone’s post. All of these things serve to get your brand out on other people’s networks, and they may lead to increased interaction with your page.

This has worked for me personally as I experiment more with Google+. I recently received a notification that ESPN now follows me on Google+. At first I thought, “Oh they follow everyone they can find,” but if you check out their page you’ll see that they are slightly choosy in their followers. This notification came only after I had commented on four or five of their recent posts.

So it does pay to be active, but you have to be active on pages other than your own if you want people to take notice.


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