A Helpful Social Media Tip

In order for a company to get the most out of their various social media sites, it is crucial to be connected. As I wrote in the last post, there are sites like Ping.fm that allow businesses to send out a universal message across multiple social media channels. If a business works to utilize tools like this, search engine hits will likely rise.

Links to other pages is another way to connect audiences to more detailed information about the company. It can be as simple as posting a link to a company’s website on their Twitter or Facebook page. But even more important than that, by adding links to other social media sites you can connect viewers to different aspects of the business.

For example, consider a company with a diverse social media strategy. They have accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Flickr, and also their own web page. Twitter and Facebook allow the company to update their audience on what’s going on in the day-to-day dealings, Tumblr perhaps informs more interested customers about company vision and objectives, and Flickr shows pictures of events or products. To better connect them all, each page should have buttons or links that send the user to another site.

So someone who is interested in a recent tweet by the company decides they want to learn a little bit more. They notice that this company has a blog on Tumblr and clicks on the link to read the post. After reading the post, this individual subscribes to this blog via their RSS Feed and perhaps retweet or post articles on their own social media sites. Without the interconnected-ness of these sites, it is unlikely that this user would have given the time to search for a blog like this. If a company does take the time to connect the pieces and monitor the content being sent out, they will expand their potential reach considerably.

Sample Twitter Button

Sample of link to Twitter


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